Graphic designing is a process of creating of visual composition and graphic for any purpose whether it can be advertising, publishing or corporate communication. Graphic design can take many forms, from crafting creating online content to creative beautiful innovative packaging for products.
There are the plenty of institutions and companies catering to graphic designers. so, the questions are which one is best for you and gives to beginners to advance skills to become a pro graphic designers
Let’s join Next Step Solutions one of the best services providing company in Pakistan here you can learn graphic designing from beginner to pro, as a career they will provide you excellent team to guide you during your training at this company.
This company prepare its students to working as a professional who can able to work in company from all over the world.

What is graphic designing?
Graphic designing is an intensely creative field that requires multi-talented individuals with strong conceptual thinking skills and excellent communication and presentation abilities. Many aspiring graphic designers choose study many graphic institutes here you can learn fundamental’s, typography, layout color theory and much more things.
There are the following sub categories of graphic designing:
⦁ Logo design

⦁ Web Design

⦁ Illustration

⦁ UI/UX design

⦁ Boucher’s design

⦁ T-shirt design


Why Next Step Solutions?
Next Step Solution established 8 years back. Our company are providing best solutions in short time. Over the last eight years we have served many clients worldwide. We have found fastest growth in software field. We have been able to enhance the communication relationship between our clients in very effect way. Our moto is, “tell us your problems, we will give you the best solutions”. We design things with love and passion, that’s why our clients are so much satisfied with our services. As the technology is changing rapidly with the passage of time, and everything is going very fast, our vision is to provide every problem’s solution on your door step, to compute the modern trends.
Having 8 years of experience in various cases Next Step Solutions is an inspirational and innovative leader in sales training, leadership and consulting. Our philosophy is center upon our Relationship Selling Process and Learning Curricula, which strengthened and validated. We believe that 85% of every person’s success in life is based on two key skills: Relationship Building and Communications. Our goal is to teach business professionals how to open quality relationships quickly, and enhance one’s ability to advance level, by educating them on why people buy and how to facilitate them which in turn, will allow for greater success.
There are the many benefits of joining best company in Pakistan a few of things I we include here.

Excellent and well-experience team:
Our team is well experienced and have a great expertise on graphic designing you can get your work within due date client’s satisfaction is our first priority that’s why our team will highly focused on clients
Strong company presence:
Top graphic designing company with have a huge company presence in worldwide by providing a best service with great feedback with more than 275+ completed projects.
Highly respected Team:
The team at Next Step Solutions is highly respected and has a wealth of experience. This makes for high quality instructions and opportunities for the clients in this way the clients easily communicate with us and give their requirements to our team and get their dream work on time
Wide variety of services offered:
Next Step Solutions has a wide variety of services offered in Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Mobile Phone Application designing/development, Web designing/ development and custom Software Development.
Tools available in our company:
Those are the tools we are use in our company for graphic designing services

⦁ Adobe XD
⦁ Adobe photoshop
⦁ Adobe illustrator
⦁ Canva
⦁ Adobe InDesign
⦁ Figma

Adobe Photoshop:
Adobe photoshop has long remind the industry standards for desktop publishing. It is one of the most popular in graphic designers for a reason. Its array of image editing tools supports the beginners to the pro with a user-friendly interface and plethora of well-written tutorials the graphic design software puts you in control from canvas size to artistic filter
Like Adobe illustrator photoshop offer 7 days free trial. Interestingly you can get photoshop and adobe lightroom at a cheaper cost the trial of photoshop includes 100GB of cloud storage and light room includes 1TB.
In this you can get complimentary mobile apps with a subscription plan, extensive library of fonts, stock images templates and much more. Excellent integration with another adobe programs and having an ability to support multiple files formats like JPEG and PNG.
Adobe Illustrator:
Adobe Illustrator is specially made for professional logo design, artwork, infographics, icons, and much more. You can work from a freehand sketch to a vector image that is scalable to any size in this software you can get adobe sensei AI, extensive library, data merge and creative clouds.
Canva is all around solution for creating a variety of projects, such as infographics, web design, or T-shirts. It uses drag and drop interface that is easy to use for individuals with no previous experience in graphic design. The platform has huge number of varieties in free or premium templates background and fonts to get the ball rolling. While Canva offer free types of images for free that every graphic designer requires.
Adobe InDesign:
Adobe InDesign is the company’s answer to stand alone desktop publishing program. While you can use it other adobe programs, it speaks a different language that some may find hard to use it is best suited for image heavy posters, presentations and document you can create a house style on the fly making it excellent time saver. Its cost is little bit higher than other software’s.
Figma is offer a lot of features for graphic design software. One of the most impressive is the free unlimited cloud storage with the free version. Its strength is with vector graphic with an impressive range of tools you will have poop the professional plan to get invite only private projects. It is the business-friendly software gives a lot of latitude for small teams with un limited cloud storage and drafts for free

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